V.M. Khachumov Optimization of periodic information processing in specialized devices. Part 1
V.M. Khachumov Optimization of periodic information processing in specialized devices. Part 1


The analysis of a problem of planning of periodic digital information processing in devices with tunable structure is given. The main attention is paid to development of the formalized models of calculating process with combination of operation cycles with restrictions on number of the executive resources, to a research of offered algorithms efficiency. Article, owing to large volume, is broken into two parts. In the first part the review of operations in plot area of the work in constructing periodic schedules is given, the model and an algorithm of combination of cycles of repeated algorithm execution is entered. In the second part the algorithm of optimization of fixing of the executive units to algorithm phases is offered, extension of the task on a case of complexes of the algorithms responding to different types of parallelism is given questions of calculator structure optimization are considered.


periodic schedules, optimization of combination of cycles, processor element, specialized computing device.

PP. 62-76.


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