V.P. Potapov, S.E. Popov High-performance bands interleave conversion algorithm of EO-1 Hyperion data sensor
V.P. Potapov, S.E. Popov High-performance bands interleave conversion algorithm of EO-1 Hyperion data sensor


This paper presents high-performance algorithms for radiometric calibration procedures and bands interleave conversion. The article discusses a number of activities aimed at optimizing the algorithms preand post-processing of multi- and hyperspectral images. Proposed algorithm providing the ability to run them on multiprocessor platforms in multi-threaded mode, and ensure effective implementation on low I/O systems. Proposed the implementation of proportional reading image data in memory, followed by the placement of the values of radiance in the target buffer arrays in a few streams, calculated by the number of spectral bands or the number of lines of the image. The paper describes an ENVI extension, implementing the algorithms developed, technology-based GUI-WIDGETS integration with Java SwingX packages. To interact with the Java-classes that implement the logic of the presented algorithm, used Java-Bridge IDL technology.


Bands interleave conversion, multi-threading, java, IDL-Bridge

PP. 76-83.


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