I. A. Krivosheev, M. A. Linnik Dynamic Algorithm of Steganographic Information Embedding Based on LSB
I. A. Krivosheev, M. A. Linnik Dynamic Algorithm of Steganographic Information Embedding Based on LSB

The paper proposes a new method of steganographic information hiding based on the LSB method. A dynamic algorithm for embedding information into a color image is proposed, taking into account the peculiarities of the transient characteristics of individual blocks. Numerical modeling was used to evaluate the capabilities of this algorithm to resist attacks by various methods of steganalysis. The results of experimental studies have shown the advantage of this algorithm. This algorithm can be used to embed information in image formats without information compression.


steganography, stego-carrier, stegoanalysis, determinant, LSB, RS-steganalysis, Chi-square stegoanalysis, bit-slice analysis.

PP. 24-34.

DOI 10.14357/20718632220303

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