M.M. Gourary, M.M. Zharov, A.A. Lialinsky, A.L. Stempkovsky Simulation Points Sampling in Response Surface Construction for Analog Design Problem
M.M. Gourary, M.M. Zharov, A.A. Lialinsky, A.L. Stempkovsky Simulation Points Sampling in Response Surface Construction for Analog Design Problem


The paper considers the response surface construction of analog circuit. Each surface point is represented by circuit performances and can be obtained by simulating the circuit with corresponding parameters (simulation point). Surface and simulation points loaded in the Data Base (DB) can provide effective tools for analog design. However, high computational efforts of the simulation require effective sampling algorithm that is presented in the paper. The algorithm is based on minimizing the number of simulation points under the given requirements for response surface error tolerance. The error is estimated as the difference between linear and quadratic approximations of the surface in the intermediate points of the coordinate axes. The error of the vector performance is defined as maximal error of its components. The next simulation point is taken as the candidate point with maximal error estimate. In multidimensional case the next point is choose between candidate points in all coordinate axes, and other points of parameter space are generated by obtained uneven rectangular grid. Numerical example presented in the paper (high-speed operational amplifier) demonstrated the improvement of simulation points distribution due to the proposed algorithm in the comparison with the distribution obtained by the uniform grid.


computer-aided design, analog circuit, approximation, Data Base, optimization, circuit simulation, response surface, surrogate model

PP. 3-13.


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