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"An algorithm for calculation of the maximal area of  absolute stability"
Aliev A.S., Barkin A.I.

An algorithm of calculation of the maximal area of absolute stability on size of the sector limiting nonlinearity in a feedback is resulted. The method of harmonic balance on the set number of harmonics is used. The program in Matlab environment is applied.


nonlinear control systems, absolute stability, frequency response, harmonic balance.

"Methods of adapting parallel dataflow computer system to various task types"
Stempkovsky A.L., Klimov A.V., Levchenko N.N., Okunev A.S.

In this article the architecture of parallel dataflow computer system and its main features are described. Varying those features one can better adapt the system to one or another specific task type. In particular, choosing the set of basic computation distribution functions one can enhance the applicability of the system to tasks with different modes of computational locality. General principles of building special-purpose parallel computer systems based on dataflow model of computation (with dynamically formed context) are given. The results of applying these methods to particular task (FFT) are shown.


dataflow model of computation, parallel computation, adapting computer system, distribution of computations, computational locality.


"Application of an immune network for detection of attacks to resources of the distributed  information systems"
Magnitskii N.A.

The spectrum of information threats is determined and offered an original method of artificial immune networks for detection and analysis of information attacks in the distributed information systems.


information attacks, information systems, immune networks.


"Comparative Performance Study of Approaches to Generating Interactive 3d Visualizations"
Panfilov P.B., Kalender M.

Results of comparative experimental study on performance of five popular graphics libraries including OpenGL, JOGL, OpenSceneGraph, JavaOSG and Java3D are presented. To allow graphics performance analysis the benchmark programs were designed to be run in several configurations having different scene complexity and virtual environment rendering modes. Recommendations to developers of interactive 3D visualizations are offered based on results of conducted experiments.


interactive 3D visualizations, virtual environments, graphics libraries, scene graphs.


"Load Balancing Algorithms and Models. Introduction to Queuing Networks"
Khritankov A.S.

In this paper we briefly review basics of computer system modeling with queuing networks and present several important load-balancing algorithms. Then we present one of classifications for load-balancing algorithms and analyze a few parallel systems as an example.


load-balancing algorithms, parallel and distributed systems, queuing networks, load-balancing algorithms classification.


"Thesaurus based ontology integration to perform semantic search"
Lomov P.A., Shishaev M.G.

The method of automatic ontology integration on the level of alignment has been developed. The thesaurus, which is result of integration, is used for translation queries in term of particular ontologies. It makes possible to carry out semantic search in heterogeneous informational recourses, which are presented by different ontologies. The procedure of adding of terms of new ontology has been presented. It also contains analysis of semantic equivalence of a new terms and terms, which already have been added. As the result of this analysis, the weighted relations are formed.


ontology, semantic search, ontology integration, thesaurus, algorithm

"The regular review of crisp one-dimensional membership functions of intellectual systems"
Khalov E.A.

The fullest review and ordering of one–dimensional membership functions used at construction of neuro–fuzzy systems for a solution of problems of control by industrial technological processes and technical objects is resulted.


membership function, fuzzy set, support and kernel of the fuzzy set, sigmoidal and gaussian functions.


"System-objective modeling of servicing of the television and radio broadcasting network"
Matorin S.I., Trubitsin S.N., Zimovets O.A., Zhiharev A.G.

The paper considers the technology of system-objective visual graphic-analytical modeling. This technology is formalized by means of Grenander patterns theory and applied to designing the service system of television and radio broadcasting network.


system-objective modeling, Unit-Function-Object, pattern theory, formalization, service.

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