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Significant Problems For Future Russian High-Performance Computers (2010-2020)
V. Betelin, A. Kushnirenko, G. Raiko

There are three extremely significant problems for future high-performance computer systems: high power consumption, high frequence of sporadic upsets, high checkpointing overhead. When targeting exaflops performance milestone current evolutionary approaches to these problems no more adequate. Several new approaches to the problems are listed and discussed.

Keywords: supercomputer, performance, Petaflops, Exaflops, power consumption, resilience, checkpoint

Optimization of calculating process of reconfigurable streaming computing environments

D.S. Artamonov, M. G. Putrya

The method of efficiency increasing of computing in reconfigurable computing systems based on alternative computing technology has been considered. The processor element can execute direct or alternative function from existing function list depending on condition signal. This enables within a scale of processor elements array, due to reducing the hardware resources, to significantly increase the performance of the whole system.


Algorithms of the recognition font in printed document
Oleg A. Slavin

Algorithms of the building font is described in article on base result recognitions printed symbol, used in mechanism of the adaptive recognition of the document. It is defined notion of the font, allowing build the algorithms of the recognition font, by means of which is produced the most further clusterization image symbol. The considered problems, in decision which can be used mechanism of searching for font: the repeated segmenting of the borders symbol, packing symbol, selecting the font for image symbol on screen.

Keywords: font, recognition, clusterization, adaptive


Quantum information theory. Channels and capacities
A. S. Holevo

Quantum information  theory studies general laws of information storage and transmission  in the systems obeying quantum mechanics, by using mathematical models of information processors -- communication channels -- for investigation of potential capabilities of such systems and elaborating the principles of their rational and reliable design.

The notion of channel capacity is central in the classical information theory. It turns out that in the quantum case this notion splits into the whole spectrum of information characteristics of a quantum channel. This paper presents a survey of the main concepts and results, gives formulation of the «coding theorems» providing analytical expressions for the capacities of quantum communication channels on terms of entropic quantities, stressing the special role played by the quantum property of entanglement.

Keywords: quantum communication channel, entropy, channel capacities, quantum entanglement


Using X-CTL logic to implement  formal verification of X-machines
M. Sobolev

The article contains the review of CTL logic and its application to formal verification. X-CTL logic is proposed, allowing implementing the formal verification of X-machines. The sample model of a counter is presented.

Keywords: Formal verification, model checking, X-Machine, complex systems.

Adaptive structural forecasting methods
J.A. Dorofeyuk

The analysis and forecasting problem in multivariate control system is described. The object structure of investigated system is assumed to vary over time. The adaptive algorithm, which is able to trace such structure variations, is developed. The integral object description and adaptive forecasting model allow to improve substantially the efficiency of management decision results.

Keywords: classification data analysis methods, adaptive automatic classification algorithm, adaptive forecasting model, class number selection optimization.


Functional capabilities of a GRID middleware and methods of its realization
V.N. Kovalenko

Appearance of distributed resource infrastructures created on the basis of the grid concept has discovered new opportunities for solving significant problems in different application areas. However, considering the issue of a grid technologies usage, it is important to take into account the actual state of the software in that field. The paper gives the systematic description of functional capabilities of the most widespread, time-proved tools for a grid infrastructure creation and application development.

Keywords: grid, middleware, Globus Toolkit, gLite, functional description


Deontical logic model of information system as object of standardization
Andrey P. Stolbov

The model of information system (IS) as object of standardization in which differencies deontical the status of various requirements to IS is considered. The offered model can be used by working out of functional profiles IS carrying out of normative and technical examination of projects IS, and also working out of standard documents on standardization.

Keywords: information system, standardization, deontical logic.

Multivariate method of motility index individual prediction of children with a cerebral paralysis
A. Wildemann, A. Tashkinov, V. Bronnikov

The problems of motor activity development prediction of patients with children's cerebral paralysis (CCP) are studied on the basis of the multivariate statistical analysis. The method of motility index individual prediction of patient with CCP generalized on a multivariate case is offered. It is shown that the account in prediction models of influence of patrimonial and antenatal risk factors allows to improve reliability of forecasts in comparison with one-dimensional models.

Keywords: mathematical modelling, individual prediction, multivariate statistical analysis, medicosocial systems.

Program system for data analysis in mining
R.Y. Zamaraev, S.E. Popov

The principles of a distributed software system (DSS) and realization for the intellectual analysis of complex systems of mining are presenting. For solving multi-criteria selection and system audit in a range of indicators of different nature and dimensions the entropy method are using. An example of the complex to solve problems ranging from aggregated characteristics of coal mining sites of the Kuznetsk Coal Basin based on a database of coal samples indicators.

Keywords: the distributed software system, data analysis, entropy method, multi-criteria selection, system audits, performance indicators, complex systems, mining.

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