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Bioinformatics and search of reading frame shifts in genes.
Korotkova M.A., Korotkov E.V.

The definition of a phase shift of triplet periodicity (TP) is introduced. The mathematical algorithm for detection of a phase shift of TP in nucleotide sequences has been developed. The gene sequences from the Kegg-46 data bank were have been analyzed to search for genes with TP phase shifts. The presence of a phase shift of triplet periodicity for 27417 genes (0.7% from the total number of genes in the Kegg-46 data bank) has been demonstrated. We show that TP phase shifts are determined by the shifts of a reading frame in genes. The connection between phase shifts of TP and frame shifts in genes is discussed.

Keywords: Triplet periodicity, ореn reading frame, shifts

Intelligent systems in clinical medicine. Case-based clinical guidelines synthesis
G.I. Nazarenko, G.S. Osipov, A.G. Nazarenko, A.I. Molodchenkov

In this report application of rule - based systems in problems of clinical medicine is considered. Formation of rules by machine – learning methods is investigated. The case – based method of synthesis of treatment plan is offered.

Keywords: clinical medicine, rule-based systems, machine learning, clinical guidelines, case.


The intellectual data analysis by means of the quantum physics equations
Britkov V.B., Boulytchev A.V.

The avalanche increase in possibilities of reception and information processing leads to its complication and heterogeneity. Traditional approaches to the information processing often become ineffective. Perspective direction of the efficiency increase of the semistructured information great volumes analysis is use of the technologies of the Data Mining intellectual data analysis. In the article advantage of the econophysics models method of the data analysis is shown.

Keywords: system analysis, semistructured information analysis, Data Mining intellectual analysis, econophysics models.


The toolkit for developing heterogenic distrebuted computing environments
Bychkov I.V., Korsukov А.S., Oparin G.A., Feoktistov А. G.

The system architecture of the toolkit DISCENT is considered. The toolkit provides the technology of organizing and applying heterogenic distributed computing environments for solving resource-intensive research tasks.

Keywords: toolkits, Grid, job flow modeling.

Description of basic syntax statements Object Query Language (OQL) using XML
Oleynik P.P.

This paper describes a way of representing the syntactic structure of language for object-millet (OQL) in the form of XML-documents. The analysis of existing solutions for similar-houses and ways to use XML presentation language constructs. 
Defined criteria, which must correspond to the optimal implementation. We describe the XML-schema and the basic syntactic constructions developed a query language XOQL, which corresponds to the formulated criteria. Examples of XOQL-queries.

Keywords: object query language (OQL), markup language, database, object-relational mapping (ORM)


Convergence analysis of commutated neural networks traffic reduction algorithm
Stepanov S.Y.

This paper gives a brief description of the goal of reducing traffic information in the commutated neural network, neural network fragmentation algorithm and the proof of convergence of the algorithm.

Keywords: commutated neural network, fragmentation, convergence.

Principle of construction of the multipath protocol of video streams’s dynamic routing
Kazanov V.

This article studies question of protocol’s construction for efficient routing of video streams compressed by WMV or MPEG4 technology paying attention on their classification and statistical features in total traffic, one has possibility of using multipath routing and routing table’s adapting on chosen criteria, considering network dynamic. Building of routing table is based on proposed heuristic algorithm of finding maximal streams in network, applying theory of liner spaces.

Keywords: routing, protocol, stream, the minimum cut


An adaptive optimization model for operational planning of Metallurgical works plate rolling problems
S.I. Fainshtein

Points of operational planning of Metallurgical works plate rolling have been considered. Planning problem is posed as a single-stage system with some multi-objective constraints. For these problems an adaptive optimization model has been developed. The model includes an objective function with penalty setting constants and an efficient heuristic threshold algorithm. An intensional representation of the object accords to an actual service of Magnitogorsk Metallurgical works plate rolling.

Keywords. Multi-objective optimization methods, constrained problems, heuristic algorithms, operational planning, plate rolling.Fineshtane S.I.

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